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Our History

Ice Plant in 1980Sunnyside Ice and Fuel Company had its beginning in August, 1947. The first office was a 12' x 20' building constructed of used concrete blocks. Started by James A. Wall, who had been a navigator on a B-17 through 35 combat missions during World War II, the beginning assets of this small business consisted of a 1935 International truck, $215, and a coal shovel. James A. Wall continues to be active in the interests of Sunnyside long after his retirement in 1990. The managing officer is now Faron Humphrey, his son-in-law.

When first in business, coal was the primary product marketed. Soon ice was added. The ice was purchased from another local company and stored in a refrigerated room, eight blocks at a time. Next a block ice plant was purchased. After this plant was closed in 1972, Sunnyside brought a 10 ton turbo ice-maker and began selling packaged ice to area retail stores.

Sunnyside has continually increased their ice making capacity to meet the needs of their distributors and customers, always able to manufacture more ice than anticipated demand. Sunnyside Ice currently produces 117 tons of ice daily, assuring our customers that even in the most severe summer heat, ice will be available. Otherwise, we would not solicit your business.